Driving and Marshalling Guidance

The Number 1 priority is to have fun (and maybe win) while allowing others to have fun

On the Rostrum

  • Be courteous to the other drivers and marshalls.
  • Don’t lean forward and obscure the view of the track.
  • No swearing, verbal or physical aggression.
  • Do not shout at the marshalls or other drivers.
  • If you make a mistake and collide with another car, let the other driver know you’re sorry otherwise it looks like you did it on purpose.
  • If your car crashes/stops on the straight – announce loudly ‘Car on the Straight’ then announce when ‘Clear’.
  • Be patient with Marshalls – their safety is priority.
  • Do not step off rostrum until end of race as this can distract other drivers

During the Race

  • In the Heats – you are only racing against the clock, not other drivers – let faster drivers pass- DO NOT FIGHT the position to a faster car.
  • In the Finals – if you and another driver are competing for position wait for an appropriate time to overtake – even if you have a faster car – DO NOT BULLY your way through, make a pass as safely as possible.
  • In the Finals – if you are being lapped, let them overtake safely as soon as possible – DO NOT FIGHT for position with a car that is lapping you.
  • No overly aggressive driving.
  • NEVER rev the throttle when being marshalled or your car will be left or removed from track.
  • Try not to hit the piping – it costs the Club money to repair.
  • Do not cut the track – penalties can be applied. If you accidentally short cut, wait for a marshall or wait long enough to ensure no advantage is gained. This applies even if due to a crash which is not your fault.
  • Do not marshall your own car.

General Rules for Marshalling

  • Go to your marshalling position after your race and BEFORE next race starts – same point as car number.
  • Unable to marshall? – Find a replacement and tell Race Control.
  • If you struggle with mobility, but still wish to marshall, then you should make race control aware and pick an area that is easier to marshall (eg flat ground and an area where car speeds are slower). Safety comes first.
  • Adults must marshall with very young (i.e. under 8).
  • Younger marshalls should not marshall in higher risk areas (Near jumps or high speed areas). Adult marshalls should look out for this.
  • Marshalling is self policing – if you are not there at start of race, expect other drivers to have words with you!
  • Wear your high visibility vest.
  • Wear suitable closed shoes and sensible clothes.
  • No mobile phones while marshalling.
  • Make sure you don’t have things in your pockets that can fall out on the track as you are assisting vehicles.
  • It is not the time to eat, be on your phone or listen to music.

Marshalling During the Race

  • FOCUS on your part of the track – don’t watch the race.
  • Make sure you are not standing in the drivers’ line of sight and blocking a view of a portion of the race track, crouch if needed.
  • NEVER Step into oncoming traffic to get a disabled car.
  • NEVER put a vehicle in the path of oncoming traffic – wait until traffic is past and reset or remove the car or lift the car off the track to keep other cars from hitting it and then place it back in the race.
  • ALWAYS set the vehicle on the track in the PROPER DIRECTION.
  • DON’T take the vehicle and THROW it down the track. Set in a position that the driver can quickly re-enter the race on his own.
  • Put cars on the track roughly where they LEFT the track – NOT WHERE THEY LANDED.
  • BEWARE moving parts. Wheels, axles, gears – all can cause injuries.
  • Attempt to repair minor damage if you can quickly, (Popped ball joints, loose batteries etc. Remember… The cars still in the race have priority!
  • Don’t stand or walk on the jumps.

End of Race

  • Don’t leave your position until race is over and ALL cars have finished.

Marshal Like You Want to be Marshalled