Beginners Guide

What is RC racing all about?

RC ‘bashing’ in a park or building a race track in the back garden is great fun! But what else can you do with an RC car? Did you know about organised racing happening at a dedicated RC track local to you?

RC racing or remote control car racing is an amazing hobby! Mechanical skills, engineering, mental strength, concentration. It’s a great family hobby, it’s safe, it’s the cheapest form of motorsport, you can travel all over the world racing RC cars. You can do it as a hobby or even as a fully professional driver! It’s great fun.

YouTube video to come with interview snippets asking club racers to pro drivers why they love racing?  Favourite RC memory?   We need a budding media guru to put this together!   Also a playlist to come with examples of racing on various race tracks.

RC clubs are generally run by volunteers in the UK. People that attend RC clubs are there primarily for the fun of it. Being able to chat about RC with like-minded people, to relax and switch off from a busy week, have fun driving the cars, to tinker and work on their cars, share information and skills – it really is a social hobby. You will make some great friends and make some great memories.

Club racing is the lifeblood of RC racing, with the relaxed social side and easy going, friendly competition, it is the place where you will find out if you like racing. We always recommend you don’t take things too seriously, especially when you are trying to beat your mates for bragging rights, it can become serious 🙂

There are drivers of all levels from beginners, to those that have been driving for years. Don’t worry about not being good enough – just concentrate on enjoying yourself! You will normally be racing others of a similar skill level and you will be amazed how quickly your skills will develop.

If racing is not your thing at the moment, you might want to try Glasgow RC’s intermediate track. It’s a smaller track that’s ideal for any car whether it’s a toy, a RTR (Ready to Race) or a competition kit! An ideal place to get to grips with your first track experience!

So, whether you are a parent of an RC car interested 5 year old, or a 70 year old that has decided this looks fun or anywhere in between – dip your toe in the water, you will love it!

We often get emails and questions track side about the basics of racing, and how to get started with RC racing… so the following is hopefully a handy quick start guide.

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